Discretion Review

by Karina Halle

This book as many twist and turns snd covers a very wide range of issues families deal with no matter their social status. It have poverty, depression, wealth, love, scandals, traditions, crazy family members, throw in some organized crime connections for a whirlwind read. You never know what the characters will be going through as the book progresses. The love scene are steamy and making you want more, you can feel the connection when they finally open their hearts to each other with no walls or secrets.

You go a journey with Sadie as she starts her backpacking trip through Europe with her college boyfriend, who she dumps during the trip.. She continues are travels alone staying at hostels and learning to be alone and surviving for the reminder of her trip on a very limited budget. She falls literally into the path of Oliver Dumont (she has no clue who he is), he rescues her in many ways and in the many ways she resuced him right back. They have trust issues, which with their past is understandable and time is not always on their sides. Their connection is beyond words, they have this feeling of being long lost lovers almost, like destiny put them on this path to find each other. They don’t have the easy path ahead but that doesn’t seem to stop their love.

This is the first on the Dumont series, I can’t wait to see what Karina has in store for the next one. I can only hope for a good girl bad boy love story. We will have to wait and see.

Preorder Disarm (Dumont #2)
Release Date November 19, 2019

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