Love And Other Mistakes Review

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This story is about love, faith, making mistakes and seeking forgiveness. During the course of the book you will feel all the ranges of emotions. You will feel love a child has for parent, love between partners, love between friends. You will share in their love, loss and victories in finding what truly makes them happy. Sometimes what we think we want, we will feel we need or not what we need or what god has planned for us.

You will go a journey with Natalie Groves as she naviagates the life she thought she was going to have, to the life she actually had, and then to the life she thinks she needs, before looking close at what truly makes are heart happy.

Meanwhile Jem and his family, his father, brother and neice are learning about how their mistakes, lies and withholding importnat information has strongly impacted those they love. In the porcess of learning form their mistakes, they learn what it really means to be a family and to trust that God has had a plan for them, even when they think he is not with us or guiding us.

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