Nothing But This Review

by Natasha Anders

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This story will tug at your heartstrings, can people turn back time and fix misunderstanding and and mistakes that they thought be true of their spouse. Can the damage done be undone? Can you learn to love and trust your spouse after they broke your heart and trust in people? This book shows you how deep love can go, even it you don’t always show it to those you love dearly. You will most likley cry when reading it, I know I did. Communication is the key to marriage, friendships, and family, without it you get hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and lots of time lost with those you love the most.

Greyson is a an uptight person, has been that way since he was a young child. He hid his emotions behind the mask of his face. He twin Harrison was the complete opposite, Harrison is the fun loving, go to friend to Libby. Can you change who you are for those you love the most?

Libby has been in lust with Greyson since they were childhood friends, she found him to be a mystery a mystery she wanted to solve, crack his tough exterior and get behind the walls he held up to keep other out. Libby was the daughter of Greyson’s family help, driver and cook to be exact. She was best friends with Harrison, but Greyson always stay away just on the outside of their friendship.

Greyson left home and went to college in US. He returned to run the family business with his brother. He always kept tabs on Libby, when her parents retired he sought her out, making her his. He seduced her and then married her in a whirlwind two month in London. Returning home married changed everything for them.. They were married but really never got to know each other than physically and that caused a major issue in their marriage, when Libby announced her pregnancy 2 months after they were married.

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