Defying Gravity Review

by K.K. Allen

Get ready to fall in love and swoon over these two. Tobias is every womans dream boyfriend and life partner. He is like a big warm hug on a cold night. You will melt at the love and devotion he has for Amelia.

Amelia and Tobias have orbited around each other for years without ever letting on that they both felt this attraction to each other. Amelia was Tobias younger sister’s best friend, he wasn’t supposed to notice her grow up, and she was told to stay away from him my said best friend. So they spend years wishing for more, but knowing watch from a distance is all they would ever have. That was until Spring Break.. Read that story the Prequel Falling From Gravity to see just how much they had been denying themselves.

After Spring Break trip to Big Sur, they were in a bubble of their own making, sneaking around and meeting up late at night in order to be together as long as they could before they each had to go their separate ways to reach their dreams. They remained long distance friends for a while, until their dreams caused them to part. Each went on to refocus on dreams without each other’s support and encouragement, which made them both strong.

Three years pass and fate or Tobias’ desire to make all his dreams come true bring them back to LA and back into each other lives.. Timing has always been an issue for them. Having each other and their dreams always seemed impossible. They manage to defy gravity and make everyone of their dreams come true and then some.

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