Last Summer Review

by Kerry Lonsdale
Release Date July 9th

Order your copy here:

Kerry has done it again, weaving a story you are sure you have figured out only to throw in a plot twist. This physcological mindblowing story is filled with love, lies and deceit. Who is telling the truth, who is lying, and who is really truly in love? When should we bite our tongue and keep a secret from those we love and when should we be completely honest.

The story is all about Ella a journalist who is in an accident and loses her memory and her unborn son. She spends months trying to to remember last summer and how she got where she is today, she is confused about her marraige, her life, and her morals. She has had many losses in her life and maybe that is why she is unable to remember her pregnancy, the last summer, the accident and everything in between.

She goes back to Nathan to redo an interview from the preveious summer in hopes it sparks her memory. Meeting Nathan are stirred up more feelings of confusion, anger and doubt about herself, her marriage, her life in general. Her husband remain distant and cold throughout the book, which due to events in the book seem understandable,but are they really or is he playing his own mindgames?

I can’t wait to read Side Trip releasing in 2020.

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