Tangle Review

Dogwood Lane Book 2
by Andriana Locke
Release Date July 2, 2019

What happen when a die-hard romantic woman is on a dating/relationship hiatus and meet a hot single anti-relationship doesn’t believe in love man? Well you agree to be just friends, sign a contract on a napkin saying I will not fall in love with you, and you will not touch me, woo me or do anything to make me want to love you. 

Hailey is the romantic woman you jumps into relationships with not so great guys and then falls in love with them or so she thinks. She hates being alone so she fills are time with guys and gets attched. Dane her cousin bet her in Tumble (Dogwood Lane Book 1) that she couldn’t do dateless for 6 months or he gets to pick her next 3 dates. She is 2 months into her no dating when Trevor enters the picture.

Trevor is a single hot guy who is not into relationships or dating, he prefer to have zero strings attached to his friends with benefits. He always seems to find the crazy clingy types or does he let them on? He is in Dogwood Lane to monitor the building of his father and new stepmother new home. His plan it to spend max of two weeks making sure everything is done to his stepmother’s specifications then return home to Nashville. 

His first morning in town, he meets the most interesting woman, she is up on her stool leaning over the counter in the cafe with her yoga clad rear on display. It all starts with a carmel glazed pecan covered donut. This starts the banter between them, they run into each other a few times that day and they are both fighting this attraction that neither are looking for.

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